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Individual Counselling


Who do you feel you are? How are you coping? 


How is who you are affecting those you are in relationship with?


Is life overwhelming?


Are you floating through life and not feeling you have purpose?


Are you living with guilt, depression, shame, or anger?


Are you dealing with grief?






I'm here to listen and help you find yourself and to help you understand the strengths and gifts you have to move on from this place of feeling stuck.


I can give you another perspective and give you hope that your life can improve.


I can be a support in those very difficult life transitions.


We can explore together experiences from the past that might have contributed to this stuck place in your life.


We’ll explore your present stresses and give you tools so you can learn to walk through these experiences and have peace even in the midst of them. Or sometimes we can work toward eliminating them completely.

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