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Couples and Relationship Counselling


Having struggles in your relationship? Do things seem hopeless?


Are you experiencing too much stress?


Does conflict seem like a daily occurrence?


Are you asking why can't you get along?


Is trust shattered? Are you thinking divorce?


Does reconciliation seem impossible?






There is hope! Things can change. It might seem impossible right now, but let's talk and see if we can set you on a better path.


Sometimes having awareness in each situation and the behaviour patterns you use can make a world of difference.


There are many things that contribute to struggles in a relationship. Right from the way media portrays unrealistic ideals to possible trauma in your past that are contributing to the breakdown of your relationship. 


Common concerns of clients coming to couples counselling are that they will be blamed, judged, forced to change or shamed. Often one partner is the pushing for therapy. Which means one partner likely feels under duress.


I'm here to let you know that all of these concerns are normal. I am here to support both of you in a collaborative effort helping you come to a place where you can have the marriage you long for.

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