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My name is Lorna Barnes. Nice to meet you!

My hope for our sessions together is that it'll be like sitting across the table with a friend and a nice cup of coffee. I have compassion for and care deeply for all people. I believe we are all of great value not one of us is more superior than the other. I am humbled and honored to walk in your lives during the counselling journey. It is a privilege that you would trust me to inform your life with the tools I have obtained through training and life experience.

It's a privilege to journey together with you!

I am interested in who you are as a person and how you have arrived at this point in your life. I listen carefully to you and focus on the emotions and the beliefs behind your story, helping you discover changes you can make so that you can thrive and live life to the fullest.


My experiences have given me the ability to identify with and understand many struggles you may be experiencing. I attempt to create a place of safety where you can be comfortable to share what's on your heart. Your heart and where you are at in life is very important to me. As we build a trusting relationship I strive to guide you into discovering yourself and who you are meant to be and how you can prosper in all aspects of your life. 


Professionally I obtained an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Providence University College, graduating in 2000. I continued my studies obtaining a graduate Master of Arts in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary in 2003. I am registered as a Certified Professional Counsellor with the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists (PACCP). I am registered with The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (ACTA). To see my profile on Psychology Today click here.



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